The Grand National Lodge of Croatia is defined as a regular, sovereign and independent symbolic Masonic strength. As an Obedience, the GNLC is a full member of CLIPSAS, EMA (European Masonic Alliance), MMU (Masonic Mediterranean Union), MUB (Masonic Union of the Balkans) and AACEE (Adogmatic Associations of Central and Eastern Europe).




CLIPSAS (Centre de Liaison et d'Information des Puissances maçonniques Signataires de l'Appel de Strasbourg)


CLIPSAS was established on 22 January 1961, following the initiative of the Grand Orient de France and 11 other Masonic Obediences from Europe, Africa, Asia and America; male, female and mixed. They all adopted the Appeal of Strasbourg, signed at the occasion of CLIPSAS's establishment.

CLIPSAS is a worldwide organization of liberal Obediences, with permanent members at the ECOSOC in New York, Geneva and Vienna. The CLIPSAS is putting high values on the Human Dignity, as one of its fundamental values.




Members of CLIPSAS believe it is necessary to study common problems determining the people’s future. For that purpose, an annual Conference is held in order to discuss issues pertinent to the modern world of today. These meetings allow the members to present the results of their research and discussions taking place during any given year.

These meetings of the Freemasons from different countries and cultures generate effective results. Masonic Obediences from around the world share a common belief that a great victory of Humanity as such is contained in the realization of complete freedom of conscience. This freedom leads to the elimination of any and all barriers, thanks to the free exchange of opinions and ideas.

By their accession to CLIPSAS, all Obediences - members join and adopt the principles laid out in the Appeal of Strasbourg, signed at the occasion of the CLIPSAS's establishment on 22 January 1961.



By their accession to CLIPSAS all Obediences - members join and adopt principles of the Appeal of Strasbourg, signed at the occasion of the establishment on 22 January



EMA (European Massonic Alliance)


The EMA (AME) is referenced in the Register of Transparency of the European Commission and has several meetings a year with the president or vice-president of the European Commission, as well as meeting European Senators.

EMA (European Masonic Alliance) works for the Perfection of Humanity and for the construction of Europe based on the principles of secularism and respect for the values of peace, freedom, equality, solidarity, responsibility and, above all, fraternity. These principles and values form the basis for the creation of the European Union.

European Masonic Alliance broadcasts and promotes the values and principles of the Freemasonry, especially freedom of conscience and thought, as an inalienable right and ideals of democracy, fraternity, equality of rights for all human beings and human dignity, including the choice of procreation, conception and the termination of life. EMA rejects any form of discrimination and any form of infringement of freedom of expression.



AACEE (Adogmatic Associations of Central and Eastern Europe)


The AACEE aims to gather together the Liberal Masonic Obediences of the Central and Eastern Europe in order to promote the Values of Democracy, support, solidarity and cohesion of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe within the European Union. The AACEE promotes and protects human values in order to maintain or to restore peace between a man and the mankind, especially in the European space.


MMU  (Massonic Mediterranean Union)

Masonic Union of Mediterranean was created in 2000, with an aim of empowering the communion of Masons of the Mediterranean, on the basis of a common Mediterranean tradition, which was translated into Mason's practice. Common roots have brought together Spain, Greece, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Croatia.

The vision of the Union is an open and modern Freemasonry, which embraces not only the old Europe, but also Africa and the Middle East, too. Because only such a Freemasonry is able to best promote the dialogue and ensure the future of tolerance, respect and sharing to those who suffer today due to wars, fanaticism and other forms of removal of the individual liberty.

MUB  (Massonic Union od the Balkans)


Considering that the Balkans have always been a progressive region for the development, circulation and diffusion of humanistic ideas, and considering the traditional and societal ties existing among the Balkan peoples, The Grand Lodge Mixed of Greece of the international Masonic Order “DELPHI“ and the Grand Liberal Lodge of Turkey have decided to coalesce for the establishment and promotion of the Masonic, with an absolute respect for the convictions and philosophy of each one of them.

Therefore, a Socio-cultural Union is initiated, with the following goals:

1. protection and development of the culture and the initiation history in the Balkan Peninsula,

2. expansion of the Liberal Freemasonry inspired by the Balkans,

3. study of contemporary initiation and functional problems of the Freemasonry relevant to each member country.

The Union is able to realize its scope of activities through the work of its members, and through annual meetings and conferences in countries which are capable of organizing them. The duty of the Union will also be to defend the Masonic identity of the signatory Obediences, considering that the universality and the equality of the Freemasonry emanates from the knowledge, respect and cultural diversity.





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