Initiation Pyramid


The Grand National Lodge of Croatia has its individual characteristics that help define its special role in the wide community of the Masonic Obediences across the world.

The Grand National Lodge of Croatia is an Obedience of men and women. It initiates and recognizes Brothers and Sisters in their diversity and uniqueness within the same Lodges, extending the same initiation and operating potential in the Masonic Works and personal development.


Grand National Lodge of Croatia is dedicated to learning and researching about esoteric philosophy, contributing to the preservation of the important masonic tasks of continuation and support of the thousands-year old philosophy, which synthesizes both history and civilization.

The Grand National Lodge of Croatia has chosen to recognize only one ritual - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Freemasonry, that offers Wisdom and Initiation from I to XXXIII Degree.





The Grand National Lodge of Croatia strives to be progressive in terms of respecting the tradition and the law. It puts special emphasis on keeping intact the heritage of the past and, at the same time, accepts today’s developing world, from which the Freemasonry cannot be separated.

Initiation Pyramid is a structural form of the Freemasonry Organization. It is also the symbol for the path that all Brothers take towards the knowledge of the Laws of Nature. Being on the path is accomplished through constant masonic Rituals and teachings in accordance with the tradition, wisdom, knowledge and the limitations of the truth, and with the vision of man’s desire for Infinity.

In general, the Freemasonry has its principles, customs, rituals and the rules that have been lost during the passage of time. In 1717, with the establishment of the speculative Freemasonry, the first written documents that enabled the identification of the Correct Path the various Freemasonic Obediences in the world took, by developing their own organizational Statutes. This process has greatly increased the transparency of the Freemasonry purpose and goals.

The Freemasonry believes in the ability of a man to research the field of the Knowledge by using their own capabilities. All Brothers are on the path of finding the Truth at different Degrees in Rituals, but constant effort and work is what they all have in common.

For the purposes of achieving higher global goals in the Universal Freemasonry (operating testimonials and speculative research), the prescribed functional structure of our Obedience is particularly important. It represents a combination of the functional organization of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

In fact, the Grand National Lodge of Croatia has merged into a single Initiation Pyramid, with objectives that are related to the symbolic degrees from 1° to 3° and the Rite (according to the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite). Further to that, the ontological initiation model, along with its wide importance, is created and completed.

Described model unites rules and ethics and it recognizes Women’s responsibilities being the same as Men’s. Accordingly, it confirms the tradition that has existed for thousands of years. At the same time, it has more potential than any other socio-epistemological model to be recognized as a metaphor for a laboratory of enlightenment. Considering this, it leads the humanity towards self-recognition and steps to be taken for its improvement.

Degree structure:


33.˙. Sovereign Grand Inspector General

32.˙. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

31.˙. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander

30.˙. Knight Kadosh

18.˙. Sovereign Prince Rose Croix

14.˙. Grand Elect Master of the Sacred Ceeling

 9.˙. Elect of the Nine

 4.˙. Secret Master

 3.˙. Master Mason

 2.˙. Fellowcraft

 1.˙. Apprentice


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