History of the G∴N∴L∴C∴

The First Brothers from Croatia were initiated in 2005 in Trieste in the Lodge EXCALIBUR, Gran Loggia di Italia, Palazzo Vitelleschi, Rome.


At the end of 2006, Croatia's first Lodge LIBURNIA was founded in Rijeka.





In early 2012, a second Lodge ILIRIA was established in Rijeka,





and then 2013, the first Lodge SAPIENTIA was established in Zagreb.





After that, at the beginning of 2014, Lodge DALMATIA was founded in Split.





Soon after that, at the beginning in 2015, Lodge in Osijek - ST. IVAN,





and then 2016 the second Lodge in Zagreb - AEQUILIBRIUM.






 in 2018. was founded the second Lodge in Split -   ASPALATHOS



With this, the plan of opening Lodges in four major Croatian cities was accomplished. Profound and continuous activities in the field of proselytism exist.


Today Grand National Lodge of Croatia has six Symbolic Lodges, which have been continuously increasing their number of Brothers and Sisters. First Degree Rituals are held regularly every 2 weeks, with excellent attendance. Development of architectural panels – essays is on the rise; next plan is the establishment of the Publishing Company that would promote the Freemason philosophy trough esoteric subjects.


With the decree of the "Supremo consiglio d'Italia del 33. ed ultimo grado" (Supreme Council of Italy of the last, 33. degree) from the 27.11.2017. is formed in its full form the Supreme Council of Croatia of the 33. and last degree,


Rituals that take place in the Lodges of Perfection (IV- IX), Capitular (X-XVIII) and Philosophical Degrees (XIX-XXX) Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, are now autonomous under the patronage of the G:.N:.L:.C:.


Grand National Lodge of Croatia is defined as a sovereign Masonic Symbolic Power. Grand National Lodge of Croatia, as a Grand Lodge, is a full member of the Masonic Mediterranean Union, Masonic Balkan Union, AACEE (Association of Adogmatic Obediences of Central Eastern Europe and EMA (European Masonic Alliance).


It is also linked by number of Treaties of Friendship and mutual Recognition to many Masonic movements throughout the world.


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