Administrative structure


Along the initiation pyramid, which has a symbolic meaning, the Grand National Lodge of Croatia also has an organizational structure with main function to coordinate relations between  the Great Council, represented by the Grand Master and his  Assistants, and individual Lodges within the Obedience.

The organization is performed through the following functions:

Main Delegates, representing the Grand Master in the Masonic  Regions, all are appointed on the basis of the Grand Master's   confidence in them; Great Inspectors of the Provinces, all  performing the same function in their Province; Worshipful  Masters representing Lodges.

The internal organization of each Lodge is  in line with the Masonic tradition and operates  in accordance with the General Regulations of the Order. Each Lodge has its own autonomy within the Obedience. It is represented and coordinated by the Worshipful Master who is elected every two years. The same Worshipful Master can perform that function up to two terms in a row.

In accordance with the General Regulations of the Order, the Grand Master is the president of all Lodges within the Obedience and he controls all of their work via the appointed Main Delegates and the Great Inspectors of the Provinces.



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